What Gives Purple Cannabis Flower Its Color? Origin and History

Purple cannabis strains are perhaps some of the most popular strains among enthusiasts. They appear violet or blue, a stark difference from what you would expect to be green. Some strains have purple hues so intense that they rank among the most vibrant in the world. It would leave anyone wondering what gives purple cannabis flower its color.

In this article, we will explore the origin and history of purple cannabis. We also discuss what gives these strains their unique color. Learning more about the origins of this extremely popular strain could help you discover a new way to appreciate cannabis and refine your taste for weed even further. Take a look.

What Gives Purple Cannabis Strains Their Color?

Purple cannabis strains owe their distinctive color to the chemical compounds known as anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a group of water-soluble pigments that belong to the larger class of compounds known as flavonoids, which are found in many plants. Anthocyanin pigments create purple, blue, and red hues.

When anthocyanins accumulate in the cannabis plant's cells, they create a range of purple shades. Color variations will depend on certain factors, such as genetics, environmental conditions, and the specific anthocyanin composition. That explains why some purple cannabis flowers have a deeper hue than other purple strains.

Some research suggests that climate change may influence floral anthocyanin. In 2021, researchers explored how plants displayed various flower colorations as a response to abiotic stressors — particularly extreme temperatures on a global scale, such as drought. Meanwhile, other research on exposing cannabis flowers to different light can increase anthocyanin content.

While the exact mechanism behind color formation remains under study, it's clear that genetics play a significant role. Some cannabis strains naturally possess genes that promote anthocyanin synthesis, resulting in purple flowers. Accordingly, purple cannabis products find their way to dispensary shelves.

purple cannabis strain
Purple Fuji Strain of Marijuana

Are Purple Strains Better Than Green Strains?

First of all, this question must be more specific. What would make a cannabis strain better? It's important to know what you want to achieve when trying purple strains for the first time.

Regardless of your reasons, the color of cannabis strains — purple or green — does not directly determine their benefits or potency. Pigments are merely responsible for the purple color and don't significantly impact the chemical composition of the plant's cannabinoids or terpenes. Terpenes are compounds that experts believe influence cannabis smells and flavors.

Instead, the color of the cannabis flower is primarily an aesthetic characteristic that varies from strain to strain. Think of it as the different eye colors that people have. They aren't indicators of one being better than another in any aspect. Likewise, the colors of cannabis strains don't necessarily affect the cannabinoids you are after when using cannabis products.

It's important to note that the specific combination of terpenes and cannabinoids — like THC and THCA — in a particular strain determines the effects and benefits of cannabis. Accordingly, different kinds of purple cannabis strains will give you the effects and moments that you are looking for.

Purple Weed Pipe
Cannabis in Purple Marijuana Pipe

Why Should I Try Purple Cannabis Flower?

If you're exploring different cannabis strains for fun, searching for a product that will help you prepare for the best session, purple cannabis might offer that excitement you're looking for. Any cannabis enthusiast looking for a change from the usual green products will surely have a whole new world to look forward to when they try purple cannabis products.

On top of having visual appeal, the potent effects that a specific strain provides could offer something you never tried before. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or even if you're new, purple cannabis products are simply unusual in the best way and would surely be something to remember. At our High Profile stores you can explore many purple strains we offer such as Purple Ida, Purple Fuji, Wookie Girl ’91 and RS-11.

High Profile Cannabis Dispensary Logo
High Profile Cannabis Dispensary Logo

Final Words: Visit a High Profile Cannabis Dispensary Near You To Try Some Purple Strains

Purple cannabis strains exist because of the presence of anthocyanin pigments. They add visually striking elements to these specific strains — much like how certain fruits get their unique colors. While their colors captivate, they don't directly impact the overall quality of cannabis.

Whether you prefer purple or green strains, what truly matters is finding a product that offers the right combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that align with your personal preferences and desired effects.

If purple cannabis strains allure you, and you want to experience their visual appeal and potential effects firsthand, consider visiting one of our many High Profile Cannabis dispensaries near you.

We will gladly guide you through our wide selection of premium purple strains, allowing you to explore new flavors, aromas, and effects that each purple strain can offer. Visit us at a High Profile Cannabis "dispensary near me" today!

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