In honor of Cannabis Flower Day, we’re running down the dos and don’ts of smoking that crush-worthy kush with the crew.


The cannabis community has gone mainstream with its manners, and if you’ve been smoking weed for any extended period of time, you probably know there are certain unique dos and don’ts observed within the cannabis community. The unwritten rules, the silent acknowledgments, and polite passes that need no explanation.

Whether you’re new to cannabis culture, a longtime participant, or have a friend or loved one who indulges, check out our list of weed manners we smoke by:

1) Don’t make the paper mistake:

Do not reach for the first piece of paper in sight to roll a joint on – it can really piss people off. What looks like a perfectly good piece of paper to roll on might actually be a nearly complete dissertation or important tax document. Oddly specific, or purely anecdotal? We'll let you be the judge.

2) Don’t brag about your break:

You’re not part of the Ross & Rachel saga- no one cares you were on a break.

There’s a time and place for talking about your pot-pause, but it’s not with a group that’s about to light up. Next time you feel like telling your tales of ‘improved tolerance’, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and kindly see yourself out.

3) Do roll joints in a timely manner:

This may seem nit-picky, but if you’re the one tasked with rolling the joint for the group, try not to take your sweet time with it. No matter how intriguing you think the story you’re telling is, stay focused on the task, quite literally, in hand. People’s eyes aren’t peeled on you because you’re captivating, their all wondering when you’ll finally finish rolling it up.

4) Don’t be over-eager:

There’s nothing like an eager bud-beaver to ruin a perfectly fun smoke sesh. We get it, you want the weed. Stop eyeing it so aggressively, you’re making everyone uncomfortable. Let the folks in your crew enjoy their turn in peace, you’ll get yours again soon enough.

5) Don’t ask “Can it wait”?:

Few things are more annoying for someone trying to get their stone on than being asked if they “really need to do this right now.” Find something to entertain yourself for a few minutes and let your pal hit the pot. Live and let live, my friends.

6) Don’t say “Who wants this?” after you’re done hitting it:

Everyone wants it. That’s why there’s been a time-honored tradition among weed smokers everywhere in the world that 'left is the law'. Keep order by going in order, it’s the sportsman-like thing to do.

7) Don’t coyly smile and say “Oh it smells so good in here” when you enter someone’s space:

Kindly refrain from using this expression. Are you trying to shame the person or show you’re uber-cool by being able to identify the most common smell of 2022? Congratulations, you can recognize the aroma of weed - you don’t need to bring it to everyone’s attention.

8) Don’t say "Omg you’re so high":

This should never come out of any adult’s mouth. Yea, their high, they just smoked weed. If you’re using that expression, odds are you could probably benefit from a hit or two yourself.

9) Do come with enough THC to go around:

If you know you and your crew are going to be burning through weed like it’s a Willie Nelson house party, try to contribute.

Now that you have your cannabis manners in order, be sure to follow rule #9 and come bearing gifts. Explore our dispensary menu here with our Cannabis Flower Day deals or visit one of dispensary or stores near you.


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