When you're just starting to explore the world of cannabis, the first few things you'll learn are the benefits. Eventually, you'll search for different varieties and discover the mysterious "OG." Perhaps, you'll hear others say "OG Kush," "SFV OG," "True OG," "Bubba OG," "Tahoe OG," and a whole lot of other OGs.

"OG" can mean many things about cannabis, and learning about it can give you a better understanding of cannabis as a whole. So, what does "OG" stand for in cannabis? High Profile Cannabis takes you on a journey to answer this timeless question!

The Meanings of OG

In recreational and medical marijuana culture, we pair "OG" with a strain name. Besides the examples above, you may also find "Larry OG," "Fire OG," "Skywalker OG," and "Banana OG" on dispensary menus. You'll be surprised how the two simple letters have had complex and debated meanings over the years. Here are some of them.

"Ocean Grown"

A grower from Northern California, Kush Dawg, created the original San Fernando Valley (SFV) strain. One day, he was in a local bar, having a smoke sesh with someone who offered him a spectacular bud. It turns out it was his own SFV, but the person described it as "Mountain Grown." However, the SFV was an indoor flower from the California coastal region. Kush Dawg corrected them and said it was "Ocean Grown."

"Original" or "Old School"

Growers Bubba, Josh D, and Chris are the trio who cultivated the OG Kush in 1997. Josh D said "OG" was used in the slang sense, meaning it was the "original" strain. In Northern California, "OG" means something that is "old school," respected for authenticity and hard-earned achievements. This meaning of "OG" is perhaps considered an urban legend and the most significant!

"Original Grower"

The Netflix documentary "Murder Mountain" examined cannabis cultivation in the Northern California mountains in the 70s. Growers flew to Afghanistan and smuggled Afghan Kush seeds back to the U.S. They were called the "Original Grower," which eventually became one of the many meanings of "OG."

"Original Gangster"

Another theory is that "OG" means "Original Gangster." The strain is a favorite in Los Angeles, and "Original Gangster" pays tribute to the 90s hip-hop scene. This theory is less popular than the others, but some still believe it.

"Original Gangsta"

A cannabis seller from Amsterdam called "DNA Genetics" says they marketed the OG Kush, and "OG" stands for "Original Gangsta." It was coined by the hip-hop group Cypress Hill crew when they "discovered" the OG Kush strain at a concert in the 90s.


Lastly, "OG" could also mean "OverGrown.com," one of the most popular cannabis websites at the beginning of the 21st century. Canadian authorities may have shut the website down, but many still refer to it as the origin of "OG" in cannabis!

The REAL Meaning of OG

"High Profile Cannabis, what does "OG" stand for in cannabis?" you might be asking now. The truth is nobody knows the real meaning of "OG" in cannabis and probably never will! That's why we have all these theories and interpretations of the two letters.

OG has caused debates and confusion, yet they all make sense in their own rights. So if you're wondering what the real meaning of OG is, our best answer is that it depends on whom you ask! Connoisseurs usually don't care about the meaning of OG as much as just enjoying the bud. Once they see "OG" on the label, they know it's the original of its kind.

There used to be just five strains of cannabis: Aceh, Afghani, Hindu Kush, Nepalese, and Thai. The first American crossings of these ancestral flowers brought us the OG Kush, which started the emergence of cannabis cultivation in the country. We now associate "OG" with a more potent flower, and Josh D recognizes the OG Kush as a medicinal aid.

Undeniably, it's one of the most sought-after strains and has revolutionized a whole new cannabis industry! So despite all the debate, "OG" carries its special meaning for each person who uses it. Once you've moved on from the debate, you can finally enjoy the bud and realize that the real and more pressing concern is how the rapid increase in cannabis cultivation is compromising the genetics of many premier cannabis strains.

The OG Effect

Now, let's look at the effects of OG that make it stand out from others. It's known for being quite powerful, uplifting, and calming, depending on your tolerance level. Here are two distinct OG things you can expect.

20% to 25% THC Content

The higher the THC, the more intense the effects users feel. The OG Kush, for example, ranks high in TCH. It typically contains 20% to 25% of the chemical, making it a potent strain!

Mental Effect

OG Kush is a unique and potent strain that can induce feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and creativity. Unlike other strains, it doesn't produce a physical effect but can heighten users' senses and provide a mental boost.

The OG In High Profile Cannabis

High Profile Cannabis is just as curious as you are about everything cannabis, including OG. And just like you, we'll settle with the multiple theories and enjoy what the OG has for us! We have various OG strains available in our shop, so visit any of our locations to get a taste of the OG. Jesus OG flower or Blueberry OG vape? Stock up on some of the best OG strains and enjoy the original cannabis experience!

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