Getting Lite on the Festival of Lights

In the enlightened words of Adam Sandler, “Here comes Hanukkah”.
Falling around late fall/early winter each year, Hanukkah is the perfect holiday to cozy up and enjoy the candles as you partake in getting lite. Traditionally celebrated with the lighting of the menorah (candelabra), indulging in fried foods like latkes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts), and gift giving, there’s ample opportunity to make the holiday 420 friendly. So, whether you’re part of tribe or just feeling the Hanukkah vibe, enjoy our guide to getting lite on the festival of lights.

Day 1: Edibles
Kick off the celebrations with edibles.

Suggestion: Wana Sour Gummies in Mango Sativa
Menorah, meet Mango. Take a bite out of these 100mg sativa-leaning gummies to enjoy the spirit of the high holidaze.

Day 2: Pre-rolls
Become the toke of the town by exploring different pre-roll strains, one for each of the holiday’s eight nights.

Suggestion: Lake & Leaf Sunset OG, Benzie Burnerz 5pk Pre-Rolls
Lake & Leaf’s high potency pre-rolls will have you understanding the true meaning of a holiday miracle.

Day 3: Vape pens
A central theme to the Hannukah story, embrace the magic of oil with cartridges.

Suggestion: Select Elite - Northern Lights CCELL Cartridge
Enjoy a cartridge by the candlelight with Select Elite’s Northern Lights.

Day 4: Flower
Enjoy the tastes and aromas of finely cut grass with some premium flower.

Suggestion: Starlight strain
When the stars won’t be the only things ablaze – a hard-hitting indica ideal for those season-inspired late-night seshs.

Day 5: Crumble

Always comin’ in clutch, crumble is the perfect way to kick the festivities into high gear.

UBaked’s Platinum Slurricane
You might want to let others do the talking after getting into this potent crumble. Reach for Slurricane to enjoy all the euphoric feels.

Day 6: Tinctures
Enjoy that Hanukkah headiness and expand your horizons with the potent power of tinctures.

Suggestion: TreeTown 1:1 Tincture
TreeTowns's 1:1 Tincture is 200 THC to 200mg CBD for a balanced, all-around head and body high.

Day 7: Sugar
Get blasted back to the second century with a carefully crafted cannabis dispensary concentrate.

Suggestion: Cloud Cover’s Frozen Dessert
A fan favorite, give yourself the gift of Cloud Cover's Frozen Dessert, 1g, 67.78% THC.

Day 8: Vapes
It’s the last night, and things should be fully lit.

Suggestion: High Times, Fire Cookie
Spark the final celebration with High Time’s 1g Ccell weed Cartridge in Fire Cookie that will have you counting down the days to next year’s festivities.



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