If you've ever gone down the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of weed, you'll have encountered something called "kief." In your curiosity, you may have looked up what this word meant but have yet to come to a definitive answer to your question.

At High Profile Cannabis, we’re here to cut through the smoke of confusion about what kief is and what it's for. In a nutshell, it's the product of a mature cannabis plant, dripping at the flowers with THC, CBD, and terpene resins — all the good stuff you want from the plant.

Please keep reading as we explain more about the cannabis concentrate, Kief.

What Is Kief?

Kief is a cannabis concentrate taken from the refinement of mature cannabis plants. When a cannabis plant matures, its leaves (or flowers) develop resin at the tips. These resinous tips turn into trichomes and become the star of the show when manufacturers want to make kief.

Manufacturers treasure trichomes for their concentrated CBD, THC, and terpene content. For this reason, they harvest mature cannabis plants for the trichomes and then wait for them to break off.

After they break off, cannabis manufacturers collect them as raw kief.

What's Cannabis Kief Made Of?

Kief becomes a crystallized substance during maturation due to oxidation. The "trichomes" that make up the kief will consolidate with oxidation and resin formation. Over time, the trichomes solidify into a crystalline substance that breaks off the cannabis plant.

When the kief finally breaks off, it's a crystallized and dried concentration of CBD, THC, and cannabinoid terpenes.

What Are the Uses of Cannabis Kief?

There are many ways to use kief. At High Profile Cannabis, we have kief in-store at our multiple dispensary locations.

Here are some of the most common uses of kief. The first is the most common way to experience kief's unique properties.

Smoked in a Joint

Smoking kief in a joint is the easiest way to experience the concentrate's properties. However, roll your kief joint right since prepping a joint can get messy.

First, you must grind the kief until it becomes chalky — like with regular cannabis. Do this with a kief catcher to separate flowers from the kief itself.

From here, add some flowers into the mix before throwing in the kief. After you've added your kief, add some more flowers and roll the joint carefully.

Once you've done all that, light up and enjoy!

Smoked From a Pipe or Pot

Another way to enjoy your kief is by smoking it from a pipe or pot. To do this, you'll have to add some flower to the bottom of the pot. This will prevent you from choking on the kief once you inhale it. After all, it will be powdered when you smoke it from your pot or pipe.

After you've added the flower base, you can sprinkle your kief on top. From here, smoke your kief the same way you would your marijuana flowers.

Hash for Edibles and Teas

To make kief hash, you need a heat press and paper. We chose paper because heat-pressing foil can result in you cooking the kief. Wrap your kief in any piece of paper — preferably one that doesn't burn too quickly.

A hair iron would do just fine if you don't have a heat press. Press the wrapped kief tightly using the hair iron until it flattens out. From here, open the paper up. You'll notice that your kief will resemble a flat piece of bread. This will be the finished hash product.

You can add more volume to your kief pots or joints with your kief hash. You can use the hash as a raw material if you're making edibles or teas.

As e-Cig Juice

Believe it or not, you can also turn your kief into e-Cig juice.

You'll need some syringes, veggie glycol, a boiling pot, a pan, a paper coffee filter, and an empty e-Cig or vape cartridge.

Start by boiling some water in your pot. While waiting for the water to boil, add some veggie glycol to a pan and set the pan atop your boiling water.

From here, add your kief to the veggie glycol. You'll see that the kief melts and infuses into the veggie glycol. Once you see no residue atop the veggie glycol, remove the pan from the heat. Drain the contents into a cup. Remember to use the coffee filter to filter out any plant residue.

Finally, using a syringe, aspirate some of the juice from the cup and fill up a cartridge. Place the cartridge into your e-Cig, and enjoy your cannabis kief vape juice!

Why Make When You Can Buy?

With some ingenuity, you can unleash all the goodness of kief on your own — but why make hashes and juices when you can order them?!

Get the high-profile kief experience in Missouri when you order from High Profile Cannabis. Order now from a High Profile Cannabis dispensary near me today!

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