Medical Marijuana Statistics 2023-2022

For many, the days when marijuana was seen as taboo are slipping away, With increased medical usage, this nifty herb is now growing in popularity and adoption. As of 2021, medical marijuana has become legal in more than half of all states and U.S. territories.

The developments are promising as more and more states give people and dispensaries the green light on the green stuff. If you're skeptical about the medical marijuana movement, I've got some eye-popping stats that'll make you reconsider.

Read on to learn some of the most interesting and exciting stats surrounding medical marijuana in MI, MO, and MA!

Michigan Had the Highest Medical Cannabis Sales of Any State in 2022!

As of August 12, 2022, Michigan topped the list when it came to medical marijuana sales. According to the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, total sales of medical marijuana amounted to as much as $18,479,072.33. The chart-topping figure was the result of 31,912 pounds of medical marijuana being sold and distributed by dispensaries to adult users. The total sales figure counted towards Michigan’s state total of $1,462,893,979.53.

That’s a lot of legitimate revenue from a substance that was previously outlawed in the state! Besides Michigan, there’s one state that isn't far behind in medical marijuana-related revenue — and that brings us to the next statistic!

Missouri Raked in Millions of Dollars in Medical Marijuana Sales!

Missouri was one of the last states to legalize medical cannabis use. Needless to say, the legalization of medical cannabis opened the floodgates for patient applications — and, of course, the subsequent purchase of medical cannabis products.

As of May 12, 2021, Missouri generated as much as $3.3 million dollars in revenue from medical marijuana sales. In an article published by Saint Louis on the Air, the state had reached a cumulative revenue of $40 million because of the 2021 sales.

From these statistics, we can look forward to the growth of Missouri’s medical cannabis industry. With more than 100,000 registered medical cannabis patients and upwards of 137 state-approved cannabis facilities, full recreational legal legalization may even be on the horizon!

Massachusetts Holds the Record for the Fastest Time To Legalize Recreational Use!

In many states, recreational legalization eventually follows medical legalization. But what state made the transition the quickest? It’s none other than Massachusetts!

According to a 2021 article published by MJ Biz Daily, Massachusetts had a medical-to-recreational-sale timeline of just 1,463 days.

In other words, it took just four years before a person in Massachusetts could access cannabis products for recreational use. That’s a short time, especially when you compare it to California’s medical-to-recreational transition period of 7,308 days.

Better late than never, right?

Missouri and Michigan Are Among the Top 10 States With the Highest Percentages of Medical Marijuana Patients

Of the 37 states where medical marijuana is legal, the top 10 in sales can thank medical marijuana for their earnings. Why? According to 2021 data published by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), these states have the highest number of medical cannabis patients, and Missouri and Michigan are among their ranks, according to the 2021 data published by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

Based on the data, Michigan ranked sixth with a patient population of 2.51%. This equaled 250,085 out of 9,986,857 individuals using medical marijuana.

Coming in seventh was Missouri, with a medical marijuana patient population of 2.22% — 136,000 out of 6,137,428 people in the state.

Who topped the list? It was none other than Oklahoma, where the patient population was a whopping 9.31%!

The Medical Marijuana Statistics Don’t Lie: Medical Cannabis Isn’t Going Away

If there’s one thing you can take away from the numbers, it’s that medical cannabis is taking the country by storm. With more states getting on the medical marijuana bandwagon, it’ll just be a matter of time before all states give the green light on the green stuff.

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