High Profile x Exotic Matter 2022 Cannabis Expungement Event

Saturday, October 22


Grand Rapids 44th Street

High Profile x Exotic Matter Cannabis Expungement Event

We are here to assist those who have been negatively impacted by marijuana prohibition. A Volunteer Attorney will provide expungement and criminal record clearing services for marijuana-related charges at no cost. Be sure to pre-register for our event below.

High Profile x Exotic Matter Cannabis Expungement Event

How to participate and get your cannabis misdemeanor or felony expunged:

  • Pre-Register for the October 22 Expungement Event at our High Profile Grand Rapids 44th Street location here - https://www.exoticmatter.com/highprofile
  • Get a certified copy of your conviction - Go to the court and you will have to pay $10. Need help? Email Ty@exoticmatter.biz with questions.
    Couldn’t acquire one? No worries, make sure to fill out the registration form and we might be able to find your case online. You will still have to visit the courthouse to obtain a certified copy prior to filing your expungement application.
  • Bring the copy of your conviction to the expungement event to get help filling the application out
  • Bring it to the courthouse to file it and lock in a hearing date - will either be given at filing or communicated by the courthouse at a later time.
  • Show up to your hearing date. Don’t worry, speaking at your hearing is usually unnecessary.

Exotic Matter’s Volunteer Lawyer will handle the required certified mailing to the prosecutor if participants show up with the certified copy of their conviction.