High Profile is a proud partner of the Last Prisoner Project, dedicated to cannabis criminal justice and reform.

Founded in 2019, the Last Prisoner Project utilizes a three-pronged approach through intervention, advocacy, and awareness campaigns. The Last Prisoner Project believes no one should remain incarcerated or continue to suffer the collateral consequences of prohibition and the War on Drugs, which has continually and disproportionately impacted communities of color.

Help free the 40,000 prisoners still jailed in the U.S. alone for non-violent cannabis-related charges with the Roll It Up for Justice program. Having already released many incarcerated from Michigan to California, every cent raised through the program goes towards lobbying to continue releasing cannabis prisoners and rebuilding their lives.

Ask your budtender about how you can make a difference by rolling up your order total on your next purchase or make a donation directly to the Last Prisoner Project by following the link below: