Let the countdown begin. Football’s biggest game drops on February 12th, and this year is going to be lit! Before the game kicks off, we’ll be packing our super bowl, rollin’ out the munchies, and getting ready to drop it like it’s hot when Rihanna hits the stage for half-time.

Here’s how we’ll be packing it up for our football smoke sesh:

Step 1: Gather Your Best Buds

Gather your buds and pick some flower that fits the mood. We suggest a Sativa dominant strain if you want to keep the party going, but if you need a wind down after the game, a well-balanced indica might be just the ticket.

Now let’s talk quality. This goes without saying, but a bowl is only as good as the flower you toke from it. High Profile carries a wide variety of strains for every need. So, check out our dispensary menu and keep a lookout for our favorite brand Cloud Cover! Hint, hint ... they’ll be dropping a bunch of new flower in Michigan before the big game. We’re talkin Wookie Girl '91, Presidential Kush, Cherry Punch, Queso Perro, and Frozen Dessert! Pair your smoke with your favorite munchies, and you’ve scored your winning game day combo.

Step 2: Keep It Clean

The first step to optimal flavor is a clean bowl because no one wants to ruin the taste of premo buds with a dirty piece. Not to mention there are at least 110 known toxins that could settle in your bowl if you skip cleaning it. So, for the sake of health, preparation is key. There are many ways to clean a bowl, but the easiest is to soak your piece in an alcohol and salt solution, shake until clean and then rinse.

Step 3: Grind It

There’s a science behind grinding your weed, and time is of the essence. You should always grind your flower right before you’re ready to smoke because the second your weed becomes oxygenated, the THC found in the trichomes starts to degrade and turn into CBD. For those looking to keep the psychoactive effects you’d get from THC, make sure you keep your grind fast and fine to get the highest potency possible.

Step 4: Pack It

If you want an even smoke, it’s crucial to pack your bud lightly at the bottom and build in density as you get to the top allowing for maximum airflow. If you want to up your bowl’s potency, you could top off your super bowl with some kief or layer in a concentrate in between your flower. There are no rules here. Pack your bowl to your preference, but keep in mind you have to last 4 quarters!

Last but not least, it’s time to put a flame to your super bowl and get ready to make a game-winning pass.

Stop by any 'High Profile Cannabis dispensary near me' to get prepared with some game-winning flower. Whether you're a first timer or a long timer - or somewhere in between - our friendly staff is here to get you fired up.

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