What Makes 420 So Special to Cannabis Enthusiasts?

If you've been a cannabis connoisseur for any length of time, you'll likely have been exposed to specific terms unique to the marijuana culture — among these terms is 420.

420 isn't just a series of numbers; it's a number that holds significance in the weed industry and culture. The number is a reference to historical developments within the cannabis space, occupying a special place in the heart of every pot producer and partaker.

But what is it? And why is it so special to cannabis enthusiasts? We answer these questions and more below.

Read on to get the 411 on 420 and find out where to go for the best 420 deals (spoiler alert: It's High Profile Cannabis).

What Does "420" Mean?

Let's start with what this famed number means.

420 is a reference to cannabis smoking and is a widely recognized holiday among cannabis consumers.

The origins of this special day are widely debated. One popular tale attributes 420 to a group of San Rafael California high school students in the 1970s. These students, also known as the Waldos, would gather at 4:20 PM by the Louis Pasteur statue near their school.

Various reasons were cited for their accumulation in this part of their high school, but one supposed reason is their search for an abandoned cannabis farm. However, as time passed, these searches turned into smoke sessions. Fast-forward a few more years later, and this has grown into a worldwide marijuana holiday.

In short, 420 is a holiday for cannabis smoking and advocacy, celebrated every April 20th to commemorate the widespread passion for the plant, as shared by the Waldos

Cannabis Pre-Roll
Cannabis Pre-Roll

Symbolism and Cultural Impact in Detail

So we now know that 420 refers to a time and — because it has turned into a holiday — date, but there's much more to 420's impact than that.

Beyond its surface meaning, 420 embodies a form of resistance against the stigma associated with cannabis. 420 serves as a rallying point for those advocating for weed's acceptance and legalization, symbolizing the collective spirit of the cannabis community.

Cultural Impact of 420

The cultural impact of 420 extends beyond recreational use to encompass broader social and political implications.

It has become a cultural touchstone. The storied number has permeated films, music, and art and symbolizes the ethos of cannabis culture and its influence on popular culture.

More importantly, 420 serves as a catalyst for conversations about cannabis reform, igniting dialogue and action toward legislative change and social justice within the cannabis community.

420 Celebration

Because of its impact, 420 is now a holiday celebrated by approximately 219 million cannabis users. Also, as many as 39% of users consider 420 a personal holiday, taking the day off.

The number of celebrants puts 420 up there with Christmas, Halloween, and any other big holiday.

Each year, the celebration of 420 fosters a sense of unity and belonging among cannabis enthusiasts.

The Numbers Around 420

420's cultural significance has engendered numerous trends in cannabis consumption, dispensary sales, and 420 deals. Here are some of them in greater detail.

420 Sales: All-Time-High in 2023

420 has always been a high-selling period for cannabis and cannabis products. However, in 2023, sales were at an all-time high. According to data from Cova Software, cannabis sales topped the $200 million mark, with peak sales taking place in the days leading up to April 20th.

Increased Sales per Store on 420: Averaged 40%

On 420, nearly all dispensaries nationwide experienced sales upticks. According to recent industry stats, the average cannabis sales per store jumped significantly higher on this day.

inside a dispensary
Dispensary Counters With Cannabis Products

States With the Highest Sales on 420

As marijuana legislation legitimized recreational cannabis use, more and more states were able to jump on the 420 bandwagon. Among the first states to see high 420 sales were California and Mississippi, which saw sales growths of 222% and 142%, respectively.

One more state that deserves a mention is New Mexico. Due to its relatively relaxed marijuana laws, 420 sales often remain high. Interestingly, New Mexico also recorded the highest single transaction for cannabis products, with one customer spending $2,000 in one transaction.

Within this state, adults can legally grow up to 12 plants (six mature and six immature) and purchase up to 16 grams of concentrates.

420 Dispensary Sales in the US vs. 420 Dispensary Sales in Canada

FlowHub found that in 2023, dispensaries' sales, on average, doubled to 420. However, the exact revenue varied between dispensaries in the US and Canada.

Concentrates Are Growing To Be A Fan Favorite

Flower has consistently topped the buyer's 420 must-have list. However, in 2023, there was a huge demand for other products, particularly concentrates.

So, if you happen to be at a dispensary and are unsure about what products to check out on 420, you can't go wrong with concentrates.

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