According to a recent survey, nearly 20% of veterans between the ages of 18-44 reported using cannabis to treat PTSD, chronic pain, insomnia, and mood disorders. An herbal aid that helps our vets sounds great, doesn't it? Well, not so fast. The situation is decidedly stickier than the flower itself.

Unfortunately, because cannabis is still classified as federally illegal, many vets lack proper access to medicinal cannabis “... for too long, our veterans have been denied access to highly effective medical marijuana treatment for conditions like chronic pain, PTSD, and mood disorders. Medical marijuana has shown proven benefits for treating these conditions and denying our veterans access to them is shameful” said former congressional rep. Earl Blumenauer.

Citing the federal illegality of cannabis as grounds, The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the largest national resource for veterans, does not promote, recommend, or allow the prescribing of medical cannabis - even in states where it's legal! The VA’s tough anti-cannabis stance prevents many veterans from receiving the medicinal relief they seek for fear of losing their VA benefits. The secrecy of use and inaccessibility to the plant is a major blow for those wanting to use cannabis as a means of reducing pain and improving overall quality of life.

Turning a decidedly blind eye to the benefits cannabis holds, the VA prefers practices like opioid, pain killer, and antidepressant prescriptions to treat symptoms common among veterans. But these potent prescriptions frequently trigger other issues with severe and unwanted side effects, leaving some vets to opt-out of medication altogether.

A study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that “...patients with PTSD experienced a 75% decrease in their symptoms upon using medical cannabis." As cannabis research continues to bloom, there is hope that the already overwhelming amount of evidence linking the positive effects of cannabis to the relief of common ailments found in veterans will turn the terpene tides.

With medical cannabis now legal in 36 states, we hope it will become accessible to all veterans who wish to benefit from the plant.

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